craiger9 (craiger9) wrote in pratt,

I need to sleep somewhere besides Higgins Hall...

Hey everybody,

I am a 25 year old male presently living in Seattle who will attend Pratt this fall to start my M.Arch. My preference is live with schoolmates, even more preferably M.Arch students — it might ease the suffering after spending days into nights into weeks at Higgins. The right kind of drinking buddies, perhaps. Open to living with women. Clean, but not spotless. Occasionally leave dishes in the sink, which I know is a non-starter with some. Excited to be in Brooklyn and I enjoy a good night out (I play rugby, after all), but realize those will be far fewer come grad school.

Personally, I'm more inclined to embrace the "being young and living in Brooklyn" thing instead of living on/near campus. Even though I dig Fort Greene, maybe somewhere on the G train, a la East Williamsburg or Greenpoint. I know people swear by Crown Heights. I could be very happy in Clinton Hill or Fort Greene, though, if the right deal arose.

Anybody have any leads? I've checked Craigslist a time or two only to come away frightened.

If you're looking for roommates or have an open room and I seem to fit the bill, please let me know at


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