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Pratt Institute was founded in 1887 by oil entrepreneur Charles Pratt, who recognized a growing need for trained industrial workers in a changing economy. The institute has stayed true to the mission of its founder, adapting to the evolving educational needs of the nation. Today, Pratt is the oldest and largest institution of higher education devoted to aspiring artists, designers, and architects, and it has the oldest library science program in the United States.

Pratt is located on 25 landscaped acres in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn and has a Manhattan campus in a large, newly renovated building on West 14th Street.

Pratt's achievements can perhaps best be seen in the contributions of its alumni, who include William Boyer, designer of the classic Thunderbird automobile and inventor of the automobile center console; William Van Allen, designer of New York City's Chrysler Building; photographer Robert Mapplethorpe; architect Peter Zumthor, designer of the striking Thermal Bath Vals in Switzerland; Tomie dePaola, writer/illustrator of over 200 childrens books; author/illustrator Arnold Lobel who had such titles as The Caldecott Medal book Fables; fashion designer Betsey Johnson; Daniel Clowes, creator of Ghost World and Art School Confidential; and artist Peter Max.

In short, Pratt alumni have helped to add form, texture, and beauty to the world in which we live. Other famous alumni include actor Robert Redford, musician Rob Zombie, fashion designer Jeremy Scott, actor Harvey Fierstein, John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants, illustrator Marshall Arisman, actor/director Nick Zedd, designer Stefan Sagmeister, furniture designer for Knoll Bruce Hannah, and Paul Rand who designed IBM, UPS (original), ABC, Westinghouse, and NeXT corporate identities.

This community is by and for the students that attend, are attending, have attended, or are interested in attending Pratt Institute.

Please join and use this community to post questions, comments, complaints or information about classes, teachers, concerts that you're going to, local band promotion, books for sale, looking for roommates, job opportunities, needing help with projects, new restaurants around the area, finding a date to the movies, promoting your organization, needing foam board at 2am for a project due in 7 hours, basically WHATEVER!

Also, when you join, please introduce yourself to everyone else in the group. It helps add a sense of community to everyone here, and helps connect people. Thanks!

See memories for FAQ.

Be True To Your Work
And Your Work Will Be True To You

Pratt Institute
200 Willoughby Ave.
Brooklyn, New York 11205


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